96.1 and 102.1 The Wolf needs your help this Holiday Season! We believe in the power of serving others with random acts of kindness. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Wolfe Lighting & Accents to kick-start the “Secret Santa Paws Project.”

We want to reward your gifts of kindness this holiday season, by giving you a chance to win VISA gift cards and a $500 Wolfe Lighting & Accents Gift Certificate. It’s free and easy to enter!

1. DO service or a random act of kindness for someone
2. DOWNLOAD and leave them with The Secret Santa Paws Project cut out (print the PDF on this page)
3. THEN, RETURN TO THIS PAGE and fill out the form (on this page) to tell us about your random act of kindness.

Each Weekday Afternoon at 5 pm we will pull an entry at random and reward that person with a $20 VISA gift card courtesy of Wolfe Lighting and Accents.

Everyone who enters will also be automatically entered in a drawing for a $500 Gift Certificate to Wolfe Lighting & Accents.

To help you out, here are a few ideas you could do to help others feel the holiday spirit this year:

– Bake someone treats
– Serve at a homeless shelter
– Volunteer at a veterinarian office
– Make dinner for another family
– Visit a retirement home
– Send flowers anonymously
– Pay for the next person in line
– Donate to a toy drive
– Donate to a charity
– Shovel a neighbor’s driveway
– Babysit for free
– Donate clothing
– Leave a larger tip than usual
– Visit someone who is homebound
– Write a kind note for a coworker
– Hold open the doors for people
– Help an elderly person with their groceries
– Walk a neighbor’s Dog
– Make a family member breakfast in bed
– write a kind or encouraging message on a napkin
– Leave money in a vending machine for the next person
– Send a care package to soldiers overseas
– Do a favor without asking for anything in return
– Pay for someone’s library fees
– Bring in donuts for your co-workers
– Donate coloring books for sick kids in the hospital
– Help out the janitors at school
– Make someone a homemade scarf or blanket
– Volunteer to work someone’s shift that needs the time off
– Hide money in random places for people to find

(These are only examples, any act of kindness will count as an entry. Get Creative! Have Fun!)

Fill out this form to enter!